A Raid on Munich

This page will take you on a remarkable journey across Germany during World War 11. This is a narrative of that journey. My father was an R.A.F. flying officer in December of 1942. These events happened after he was shot down and imprisoned and then forced to take the Lamsdorf march, or as it was better known, 
the death march .

Harry Ready to fly
My father 1939
Before take off

What follows is the actual wording and record of my father's bombing run over Germany, subsequent capture and imprisonment by the German authorities for a total of 3 1/2 years. He records little of his experiences as a P.O.W. but he kept this remarkable and painful log of the Lamsdorf March. His clipped words reflect the grim reality of the desperate state these men were in. His journal also points out that many of his German captors were members of the Luftwaffe and treated the men with respect and honour befitting their rank, however the majority were cruel and indifferent to the P.O.W.'s plight I have not changed any of his words except to verify (hopefully) the spelling of the German towns.

War Log
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My Grandfather's story in the Great war.

Freed prisoner of war tells of experiences

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